Spain’s most well-known Turron brand

El Almendro is Spain’s most well-known Turron brand. The company dates back to 1883 and now it exports its delicious specialities to over 70 countries all over the world.

El Almendro achieved immediate success and soon it had to relocate and expand its facilities and thus established the most modern turron factory at the time. The family made great investments in infrastructure and management which is why the brand El Almendro was broadly recognized and received numerous national and international awards. This further made the company more popular and today El Almendro is the symbol of the Spanish Christmas.

The turrones of El Almendro are natural and delightful gourmet specialities. The El Almendro almond turron combines loads of carefully selected roasted almonds and milflores honey, which makes them delicious and wholesome.

All El Almendro products are characterized by quality, great taste and texture that make El Almendro one of the leading brands in the category.

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