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Merba started in 1920 as an industrial bakery and remained so ever since. With a great emphasis on innovation and development, the factory has grown more and more. Merba factory is situated in The Netherlands to Oosterhout and their cookies are sold in more than 60 countries all over the world.
They produce a range of American style cookies as well as traditional Dutch cookies.
They are the largest producer of high quality chocolate-chip cookies in Europe.
“Because of our efforts to continuously expand our production capacity by focusing on differentiation and optimization of our products and processes, we are able to increase our quality and efficiency. Although we supply high volumes of cookies world wide, Merba remains flexible with regards to different product specifications for recipe, size, weight and packaging material. We are able to achieve this flexibility by advanced machinery and equipment combined with our well-trained personnel.”
Merba’s mission is to produce high quality bakery products, mostly under private label and with a good price-quality ratio. “We achieve this with an automated and robotized process flow and machinery park. We focus on labour reduction combined with high production volumes, our growing export market and our high standards for quality, food safety and sustainability.”
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